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Hillside Modern Glass House by Bjella Architects
Modern Stone & Glass Hillside House

Modern Glass Home Design in California by Bjella Architects
White Modern Glass & Steel Beach House, Florida

Modern Copper Clad Home Design in St Louis, Missouri by Bjella Architects
Copper Clad Contemporary Cottage House, Missouri

Modern Glass House Design in Kauai, Hawaii by Bjella Architects
Modern Zen Concrete & Glass House, Kauai, Hawaii

Timber Frame Mountain House, Yellowstone Club, Montana

Winery Tower House

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A Tailored Approach to Modern House Design

No matter your style, there is a simple truth: Exceptional design gets noticed. Whether it’s your clothes, your car, or your home, people notice your style. Our passion is designer homes. We create homes that look good on you… and make you look good.

And the best part: our homes feel good on you, too, because we tailor them to your specifications, your measurements. Extra large, hold the cuffs? No problem. Your home will fit like a glove, and a stylish one at that. You may have seen our homes featured in Architectural Digest, Trends International, Better Homes and Gardens, Great American Kitchens, Residential Architect, and many other notable magazines. Our homes get noticed. Here’s why:

  • One size rarely fits all. We cater to a discerning clientele with an eye for style – one that appreciates a touch of magic in their homes… one that prefers to stand apart from the crowd. You are unique; why shouldn’t your home be, too?
  • We understand the principles behind style and fashion, and have the talent to create enduring architecture… whether you feel most comfortable dressed in a country cottage, a heavy-timber mountain home, a high-tech loft or a tropical beach villa. We can create it.
  • We seamlessly fuse architecture and interiors. The result is art you can live in.
  • We sew it all together in one shop. Architecture, interiors, landscape architecture, lighting, pools & spas, kitchens & baths, home theaters, and even custom furniture are all included in our services – no need to waste time searching for one expert after another. The only thing we don’t do is build your home. Instead, we are your advocate, overseeing the contractor and the construction on your behalf. We are on your side.

California Modern Mountain House Living Room by Bjella Architects, Calabasas

Residential Architect & Custom Home Remodeling Services

House Design

  • New House Design
  • House Remodeling & Renovation
  • Custom Home Additions
  • Site Planning
  • Engineering
  • Architect Management


  • Interior Design
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen Design
  • Space Planning
  • Finishes & Materials Selection
  • Home Theaters


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Site Planning
  • Pool & Spas
  • Landscape Structures
  • Water & Fire Features
  • Outdoor Spaces & Environments

Architects of Modern Homes For Modern Lifestyles


Modern Copper Clad and Stone House Design in St Louis, Missouri by Bjella Architecture




Location Scout Images by Stuart Lorenz




Evening View Modern Copper Clad and Stone House Design in St Louis, Missouri by Bjella Architecture






Bjella Architecture - Modern Kitchen Design-2

Bjella Architecture - Modern House Design-4

Bjella Architecture - Modern Kitchen Design-5

Bjella Architecture - Modern Kitchen Design-6

Bjella Architecture - Modern Kitchen Design-3

Bjella Architecture - Modern House Design-5

Bjella Architecture - Modern House Design-12

Bjella Architecture - Modern Bathroom Design-1

Modern Bathroom Vanity Design by Bjella Architects

Modern Kitchen Design by Bjella Architecture

Bjella Architecture - Modern Landscape Design-1

Jain Residence


Stunning House Design – Inside and Out

We create unique, architect designed, custom homes based on enduring, classical architectural principles, yet sporting fresh, modern forms and home plans. They range in size from small cottages and lake cabins to luxury villas and classic estate homes. We also provide architectural house design services for large-scale remodeling and renovations.

Architect Designed Houses Across North America

We serve clients across North America and have experience designing homes in all climates. 

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