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Tim Bjella House Designer Architect
Tim Bjella, Architect

Bjella Residential Architects was born in 1993 out of a simple idea: Create art to live in.

Since then, we have focused our passion for art and architecture into acclaimed homes across North America. Architect, Tim Bjella designs each home and seamlessly sculpts the architecture, interiors, and landscape into homes that are charming or romantic, dramatic or provocative… but never ordinary.

Our modern, custom homes emphasize open, light-filled spaces with a strong connection to the natural environment. Enduring, classical design principles permeate our work, yet mingle with fresh, modern forms. Each home is unique, resulting from a close collaboration with the client. Tim’s distinctive touch is evident throughout. He creates thoughtful, often eclectic homes and fashions original styles of his own through innovative forms, meticulous details and timeless materials.

Modern Colonnade, Hillside House Winery in Northern California by Bjella Architects, Los Angeles

Why Hire Us To Design Your New House?

A Baker's Dozen Reasons


You have been in a magical space and want one of your own

You recognize that light-filled spaces with pleasing proportions, delightful details and sensual textures stir your emotions and lift your spirits. You care about the intangible as much as the perceptible.


You want the architect on the letterhead to design your home

Residential architect and interior designer, Tim Bjella, designs all of our homes and will design yours, too.


You are unique - shouldn't your home be, too?

You need an architect with the ideas and imagination to make your home stand apart from the crowd. All of our new home designs are singular expressions of our clients. Like true works of art, they are never alike.


You require more than a generic, impersonal house plan

An architect designed home is precisely tailored to fit you and the way you live. It responds to the site by capturing the views, breezes and sunlight. And, it has detail. Lots of detail. This makes a home beautiful even without furniture or furnishings.


You need someone on your side

We are your architect and advocate, overseeing the contractor and the construction on your behalf. We inspect your home during construction to ensure it is built properly, facilitate bidding, administer changes, and review the contractor's payment requests. We are on your side.


You wish to live in art, not merely look at it

Our homes are based on a simple idea: create art to live in. Let's face it, anyone can develop a functional home that doesn't leak. Fashioning a home into a work of art, on the other hand, takes a rare combination of creativity, experience, and vision.


You expect value for your money

Our negotiation and competitive bidding process significantly lowers the cost of your home, while increasing its value.


You care about the environment and wish to minimize your impact upon it

Sensitive integration of house and site, sustainable technologies, energy efficiency, and renewable, healthy materials are fundamental elements of our designs.


You desire a home worthy of a magazine

Our contemporary designs are consistently published in prominent magazines such as Architectural Digest and Trends International.


You need an architect who designs houses anywhere you live

Our signature custom homes are found across North America. We can create a house for you, wherever you are or want to be.


You need an architect that specializes in residential architecture

We are residential architects who design houses, and only houses. We understand the nuances of fine home design and the extra detail required. But most importantly, we understand the difference between a house and a home. A home is more than simply a place where one lives, but a place they feel they belong. We design homes.


You believe a house should be 'of the land'

We create thoughtful, site-specific mountain homes, desert villas, urban lofts, beach houses, prairie homes, lake cottages, suburban estates and everything in between - each a discrete response to climate, sunlight, views, terrain, flora, and local context.


You appreciate unified interiors, architecture and landscapes

Most interior and landscape design is performed as an afterthought to an architect's work. When we design a house, we create interiors, landscape and architecture simultaneously, allowing each to influence the others. The result of this holistic approach is a balanced and cohesive home where the interior design transcends mere decoration, and the landscape melds, inseparably, with the architecture.

Modern Glass House Design in Kauai, Hawaii by Bjella Architects
Modern Glass House in Kauai, Hawaii

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