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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

Modern Kitchen Design - Thinking Outside the Box... Literally

Many kitchen designers select their cabinetry from a cabinet manufacturer’s catalog and fill in the design around them. This approach ultimately limits the potential of the kitchen to the aesthetics predetermined by the kitchen cabinet manufacturer. An inspired, one-of-a-kind custom kitchen is out of the question. Our modern kitchens don’t come out of a box. We create them from scratch. This allows us to create custom cabinets to fit the space and the desired aesthetic, not the other way around. We sculpt cabinets and kitchens like an artist sculpts clay. This approach allows us to create what we call kitchen architectureKitchen architecture goes a step further than kitchen design. It encompasses the sculpting of architectural space, and the style is integral, not pasted on. Rather than an afterthought, our lighting transcends functionality, establishing a mood and accenting features of the space. We can do this because we are not just kitchen designers, but also registered architects, interiors and lighting experts.

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