Contemporary Wall Niches by Arteriors Residential Architects

When I design wall niches, rarely do I know what the homeowners will put in them. I love to visit the home years later (or days later if they’re serving dinner) and see what they contain. It’s almost like opening a present.

The owners of this home, astute product designers with their own successful company, chose simple vases of a light, complimentary color to the orange wood walls. The result has a crisp, bold appeal. I suspect these are changed out frequently, given the breadth of products made by their company (deep down, I’m secretly holding out for something out of Ripley’s, maybe the world’s greatest collection of belly button lint).

That’s the secret of museums around the world, by the way. Not lint, but change. Rotation of art. It’s also what keeps an interior space interesting. Even your favorite piece of art or memento disappears from your view when seen day after day. You may see it, but you don’t SEE it.

Contemporary Wall Niches by Arteriors Residential Architects


A Niche is Nice

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