Tim Bjella Sketches - Amiens, France

It’s date night with my wife, Robyn, out for sushi and a movie. So, I asked her if she remembered the first cathedral we ever visited together in our travels over the years, because that is what architects talk about. That, and curling (the sport, not the irons).

For those of you on the edge of your seats, the cathedral in the small town of Amiens, France was our first. Not the biggest, not the best, but it holds a special place in our hearts. Why? Because the hotel in which we stayed that night had its very own shower in the room! We still had to walk down the corridor to use the toilet and sink, but who cares when you have your own shower.

“Say Robyn, do you remember the cathedral in Amiens?”


“You know, the one where our hotel room had a shower?”

“Oh yeah, that one. I’ll never forget that.”

Memories are funny. They often piggyback on one another and you cannot separate them.

not simply a church,
but a pathway to heaven,
God? This thing is big!

Amiens Cathedral, France

Tim Bjella Sketches - Amiens Cathedral

Tim Bjella Sketches - Amiens Cathedral

Tim Bjella Sketches - Amiens, France

Amiens Canal

Amiens, France - Tim and Robyn Bjella
Isn’t it romantic? Two young kids, Robyn and Tim Bjella, backpacking through Europe – 1990.
Amiens Cathedral – Sketches of Our First

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