Tronnovate - Takumi Pure

What makes this pen so cool? Choices. And options. Options with choices. Options with options.

Tronnovate - Takumi Pure

  • The minimalist  Takumi Pure, from Tronnovate, a recent and astutely managed Kickstarter project, accepts every worthwhile ink refill on the planet (slight bias, here). Most importantly, it accepts the venerable Hi-Tec-C ink cartridge, the staple of my stable (write that three times, fast – without the ink skipping. My Hi-Tec-C can.).
  • Because it is constructed from light-weight aluminum (not a bit of cheap plastic anywhere), it is the obvious choice of weight conscious astronauts and long distance runners. And, tight-rope walkers.

Tronnovate - Customizable Pen Tip Length

  • The tip is adjustable (the length it protrudes from the barrel), so you can set the angle-of-attack to fit your writing preference.

Tronnovate - Removable Clip

  • It comes with two cap options (dome or flat).
  • The pocket clip is removable! I can’t emphasize how much I appreciate this option. Plus, the clip works fabulously on thick materials, like a leather briefcase or the pocket of your jeans. And, it doesn’t snag.

Tronnovate - Mix and Match

  • You can mix and match components between pens with different finishes. The black body with silver tip doubles, in a pinch, as a magic wand for your kid’s school play. How cool is that?

Tronnovate - Minimalist with Options

  • The branding is subtle and doesn’t detract from the aesthetic.

What’s most impressive? All these features come in a beautiful, minimalist design. Minimalism, by definition, strips an item down to its minimum function and aesthetic, leaving no room for customization and options. But, these people managed to break that rule without breaking it. Congratulations, Tronnovate!

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