Extreme Air 5k-9

A four-family 5k run with bouncy houses

Just another race for team “Ice Cream Truck Chasers.”

I lobbied for the name “Team Bad Ass,” but nobody wanted to be half or dumb (I called dibs on smart). Yet, we snarfed down ice cream afterwards, so everything worked out.

Extreme Air 5k-2

What made this run extreme wasn’t so much the huge bouncy obstacles (12 of them interspersed along the route), but the terrain and the 90 degree temps. Rather than a nice flat park, the organizers chose a ski hill (at least it was summer and hills in Minnesota aren’t exactly a mecca for mountain climbers – I didn’t see a single mountain goat). It would have been too easy to run along the contours so… you can see where this is going. Just picture that guy in hell, Sisyphus, who has to push a boulder for eternity up a steep hill, only to have it roll down before he gets to the top. Except, there’s no boulder, only endless hill and bouncy houses – whee!

Despite this, or because of it, it was the most fun we’ve had at any run, including those with “mud” in their names. I attribute it to our exhaustive and exhausting pre-run training regimen. I personally napped the day before and trimmed my toenails on race day.

Extreme Air 5k-1Plus, I think we won. There were no timing clocks, but we got these nice medals, so there you go!


I’m sad to report we had one casualty. Bob (pictured below in the middle, standing instead of running), helped the youngsters over some of the obstacles and did not eat ice cream after the run. He’s been banned from the team for not living up to its ideals. [Update: after much discussion with Robyn, Bob has been reinstated. Apparently his ideals of kindness, generosity and healthy eating are precisely what the team should aspire to, not the opposite (plus he’s our ringer). It’s a topsy turvy world.]

Extreme Air 5k-3

Extreme Air 5k – A Creative Run

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