This modern bathroom is comprised of a cylindrical shower set within a planter, within a bathroom, within a closet (within a bedroom, within a house – it just keeps going!). The two sides of the his/hers bathroom share the cylindrical, glass-tile clad shower. Arcing over the sinks, freestanding mirrors stand like tombstones on top of the vanities (except no one is buried under them, that I know of). They are framed in stainless steel and contain integral, flush mirrored lights flanking a central medicine cabinet.

Because the home is located in a cold climate, I attempted to bring summer into the bathroom year-round by placing the shower within a large planter that separates the shower from the exterior wall. The idea was to create the essence of showering outdoors in the tropics. Windows bath the lush plantings with light, yet are far enough away to avoid making the shower space cold.

This bathroom highlights my design philosophy of creating layered elements which allow ‘space’ to flow around them. Walls don’t always have to extend to ceilings! Layering fools your mind into thinking the space is much larger than it really is by effectively borrowing space from other areas. The added complexity provides visual interest, as well.


Design Images

It’s like showering inside a soda can – but less sticky

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