On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

Four carved from a nut,
Three disc men,
Two simple blocks,
and a snowman family straight from the sea.

Australian Bull Banksia Nut

What do you get when you clamp a nut from an Australian Bull Banksia tree onto a wood lathe? Nothing – until you turn it on and jam your chisel into the spinning nut. Then all hell breaks loose.

The nut has a hard, lumpy skin and a wood center, but between these is a layer of fluffy seed-like material that breaks apart on contact, flying through the air in a torrential blizzard of  skin chips and fuzz. I’m hoping to torch my workshop before I have to clean it.

Good times.

All four of these ornaments were made from a single nut. The three larger ornaments are designed as table decorations, while the smaller one above hangs on the tree.

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On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

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