Tim Bjella Sketches-Falling Water

This spring I finally made the obligatory architectural pilgrimage to one of the greatest homes ever designed by the master, Frank Lloyd Wright, in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. This extraordinary home, perched above a cascading creek, nestled into the site, must be experienced in person. Pictures simply cannot do it justice. Of course, I tried anyway. Here is my sketch.

Sometimes people think that the sketch itself is the end game. But, in fact, it is the act of sketching that is the reward. The quality of the sketch is mostly irrelevant. Because I spent a few minutes focused and completely aware of my surroundings, almost meditatively, I will forever have the memory etched into my mind of sitting on a boulder below the falls with the breeze whispering through the trees, the birds chirping and swooping around the home and the inexpressible tranquility of the place. You simply cannot get that from taking a quick snapshot.


Sketch Break – Falling Water

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