A pen is an integral part of my life, almost a permanent extension of my hand. As such, it must feel good, write and sketch well and, of course, look beautiful. It must be a joy to use and elevate my work. It must call to me in my dreams and make me want cuddle up next to it (there’s still room for you too, Robyn). I have never met a ballpoint pen that can do this.

THIS is not a ballpoint pen. This pen incorporates the Pilot Hi-Tec-C – the most beloved, precision ink delivery system of architects throughout the world.

Pen Type-B

The pen by CW&T is Simple, Minimal, Elegant, Timeless, Solid… and most important, ages to a beautiful patina. It is not a pen to display in a cabinet for fear it might be scuffed, but one whose beauty increases with use and wear over a lifetime. It is a stainless steel and brass heirloom for your kids to fight over – but only if they eat their vegetables.

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The Perfect Pen

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