Robyn, Beck and I spent a few days at Universal Studios, Florida last week and discovered how far theme park design has advanced in the past decade. The rides are visually stunning and physically immersive, to the point where fantasy blends with reality and reality blends with fantasy (and reality blends with reality – it’s confusing). And yet, the most fun we had was running and laughing, playing hide-and-seek in the playground and dowsing each other with water cannons – proving once again, the simple things in life still rule!

Robyn and Beck Bjella at Universal Studios Playground
I captured this photo of Beck and Robyn playing hide-and-seek, yet neither knew the other was there. Both assumed I was shooting a picture of them alone.

Robyn and Beck Bjella at Universal Studios Playground

Of course, my proudest moment… My son, the future Duffman. He even has the right shirt. A dad can dream…


Time Off to Play

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