When it’s the Kamandalu in Ubud, Bali. One of the interesting things about architects (or possibly annoying if you are one of our spouses) is we live and breathe architecture. So much so that we often plan our vacations around buildings we wish to see and places we wish to experience. This is one of those places.

The Kamandalu is built as a small village with individual thatched “huts” instead of typical shoe-box hotel rooms. It’s not kitschy like a Disney environment, but uses indigenous building materials and traditional construction techniques to create an amazing, tranquil landscape. How many hotels feature early morning strolls along misty, meandering paths, shadowed by the occasional monkey?

And, yes, there is a pool if you’re into that kind of thing 😉

Tim & Robyn Bjella, Kamandalu, Bali
Tim & Robyn Bjella, Kamandalu, Bali
When is a Hotel not a Hotel?

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