I’ll start you off easy, with a problem from one of Beck’s 2nd grade, weekly math quizzes.

{You haven’t even read it, and I can see your eyes have already glazed over! Go on, give it a try.}

2nd Grade Math Problem

The solution:
For those disinclined to math, the key is actually logic. You must first realize that with only five coins, Sue cannot have more than a dollar unless she has all four of the quarters.

Knowing that Sue has an even dollar (four quarters) plus one more coin, we can then intuit that for Sue to have twice as much money as Julian, her last coin must be an even denomination (divisible by 2). The only coin that fits the bill (even though it’s not a bill) is a dime. Therefore, Sue has one dollar and ten cents. Julian has 55 cents. I know, it’s not fair, but I’m sure they will redistribute the money later.

For what it’s worth, Beck’s answer was incorrect. He was distraught and mopey for months and hasn’t been allowed dessert since (unless you include candy, cake, ice cream, cookies, pie and brochelli). That’ll learn him.

Beck and Robyn Bjella - Miniature Golf
Beck and his mom, both clearly devastated over failing the above math problem – it was his last chance to become an astronaut. I guess all that’s left for him is superhero crime fighter or Chippendale dancer.
Who’s Up for Some Math?

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